IMG_0921 Jesse Abrams

Dr. Abrams is an Assistant Professor of Natural Resource Policy and Sustainability at the University of Georgia. He joined the faculty of the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and Savannah River Ecology Laboratory in 2018. Dr. Abrams received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Forest Resources from Oregon State University and his B.A. in Environmental Studies from New College of Florida. Past positions include two years as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Whitman College and five years as a Research Associate with the Ecosystem Workforce Program, Institute for a Sustainable Environment at the University of Oregon. His work on natural resource governance and policy spans diverse forest and rangeland environments from the United States to Argentina, focusing on the participation of local communities and local- to regional-scale organizations in environmental governance, policy implementation, and institutional change. Key themes in his scholarship include: adaptive, participatory, and network governance; co-management and co-production; alternatives to traditional state- and market-led approaches to conservation and development; and the dynamics of rural community engagement with natural resource stewardship and conservation.



Chase Cook

Chase is the program coordinator for the Georgia Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI Inc.) Implementation Committee. As the committee’s program coordinator, he oversees the Georgia Master Timber Harvester logger education program and leverages a variety of resources and partnerships to promote sustainable forestry across Georgia. His research interests include forest land ownership, forest certification, and market-based regulation and conservation incentives. Previously, Chase worked as a senior analyst with the US Government Accountability Office, a university researcher, and a forester with Temple Inland Forest Products Corporation. Chase holds a BS in Forest and Environmental Resources from the University of Georgia and a MS in Applied Economics from Montana State University.